Upgrade project of State Administration of Taxation portal

Upgrade project of State Administration of Taxation portal

1.1.1 Project background

With the ever-changing fast development of network technology and the rapid growing number of users, network has become an important channel to spread information and serve the public. In recent years, the tax authorities follow development trend of the time and actively use its web site for opening of government, propaganda of the tax law and tax service, which has obtained certain results. However, there are also some problems in the aspect of website and application construction, which are the lacking of outstanding website technologies, lacking unified planning of the techniques for the web architecture, lacking of effective information sharing and tax enterprises’ interactive tools and platforms, outdated website operation and management tools, lacking unified operation and management platform, no strong enough website security, low stability and existence of security issue.

Although the application systems within tax authorities have been established, the application systems still have the difficulties of information sharing, interleaving of system data and function, multiple application platforms and business monitoring cannot provide real-time response across systems among themselves. Under such a circumstance, it is crucial to find the way to solve those issues and conduct the integration of resources, and establish and complete the web portals to provide an information showing and interactive platform for users.

1.1.2 Project introduction

Through years of continuous strengthening the function, improving the service, and regulating the establishment of management, the web portal for the State Administration of Taxation (taxation website) has gradually formed the taxation websites group which uses the web of the State Administration of Taxation as the head, uses the province-level websites as the main body, distributes to local and city department, divides the responsibilities by levels, connects to each other upside and down, and fits the current management system of taxation system. Meanwhile, the external E-MAIL email system provides service for the distribution of daily mails and the promotion of the tax laws.

The overall goal of construction for the project is to establish a continusously and have stable functioning system which would fit the nation’s levelized protection requirement. It is based on the guarantee of tax website and external E-MAIL mail system security, the needs of taxation websites applications and the upgrading and reform requirements of external E-MAIL mail system.

It is equipped with 15 sets of I840 and 3 sets of I620.

1.1.3 Significance of the project

1) Ensure the stable functioning of the web portal for the State Administration of Taxation, and provide 15 sets of application/database servers and 3 sets of security management servers to replace the original servers.

2) The web portal for the State Administration of Taxation currently functioning well and provides accesses for the tax payers, customers of the taxation system and the public.

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