Employee health management solutions

Chapter 1: Overview of the employees Health Internet of Things

People are the most valuable assets, people are not only the workers, but also the critical intellectual capital, staff is the life of an enterprise, staff is the most important factor creating benefits for the enterprise. Presently, about 48% staff in China’s enterprises are in a “sub-health” state. Concerning about the staff health conditions has become an important part for construction of the enterprise culture.

Although our state has introduced the social security system and provides corresponding medical insurance for enterprise employees, the existing medical insurance can only meet the employee’s basic medical demands, it may be used only when the employees are sick, however, when the employees are in the “sub-health” state or “high-risk” state, the social security system can not provide any solution. Meanwhile, “sub-health” state may create may potential risks for enterprises.


    (1)Health problem may lead to absenteeism and employee flows

    (2)Accidents may increase enterprise expenditures

    (3)Enterprise may have to face to litigation risks

    (4)Hidden costs that can not be ignored

    (5)Low recognition degree of employees and their families to the enterprise

    (6)Health problem may blow the innovation and reform capacities

    (7)Health problem may lead to invalid decision making, increased errors and low work efficiency

Based on the above enterprise health management status and difficulties, Sugon worked together with its partners and developed the most suitable enterprise health cloud solutions through years of development. Sugon health cloud management system is a new type of management mode, it may realize earlier discovery, earlier diagnosis and earlier treatment against diseases for employees. So that to implement standardized management and treatment for employees, prevent occurrence of various types of disease complications, ensure the combat force of the entire team of the enterprise. Moreover, such service not only reduced the social medical expenses, but also helps the employees to get rid of diseases, thus the health situations of the entire team will be improved, so the healthy operation of the entire enterprises may be ensured.

Chapter 2: Employees Health Internet of Things Solutions


Sugon health cloud management system provides service specifically designed for enterprise users. Enterprise administrators may combine the health medical services with the information technology, concern about and maintain the health state of enterprise employees from various aspects, including the society, physiology and psychology. Meanwhile, against the health risk factors for enterprise employees and corporate collective population, the system may provide overall management and services. Health management of the health internet of things refers to set up enterprise health sates assessment estimation, implement analysis, management and maintenance through acquisition and analysis on enterprise client’s working environment, living habits, sports habits, personal family history, personal disease history, allergies hisotry, genetic history, as well as health data.


In Sugon health cloud management system, the front-end portable health device may acquire basic data from the grassroot, medium and senior layer within the enterprise and the enterprise leaders, then transmit such data through the network to the database, Sugon health cloud management system will read data from the database and give assessment reports. Grassroot, medium and senior layer of the enterprise and enterprise leaders may, through the internet, view their assessment reports at any time. Additionally, Sugon health cloud management system may send the employee assessment reports to the designated hospital through Internet, thus the workers at the designated hospital may timely review the employees assessment reports and perform health interventions.

Chapter 3: Benefits from the Health Internet of Things

I.Benefits for corporation

Enterprise health management may significantly improve the employees’ labor productivity. For enterprises adopting health management, the per capita gross annual output of the employee is improved by above 50%.

II.Benefits for administrative/personnel manager

Enterprise health management is a welfare program used to attract outstanding employees.

III.Benefits for enterprise medium/senior management

Enterprise health management may significantly reduce the indirect economic lose caused by leaves of employees due to diseases or health problems. In such a way, enterprise health management can not only reduces the employees’ absence time for sick, but also reduces the time spent by employees to care for their families, thus the indirect economic losses brought to the enterprise by this problem will be significantly reduced.

IV.Benefits for enterprise underlying employees

    1. Clear understanding of their physical age and mental age and make timely adjustments.

    2. Understanding the risks of their chronic diseases and the controllable risk factors

    3. Able to take control measures timely, reduce the risk factors and prevent the occurrence of diseases

    4. For the sick, reduce the complications and disability through controlling the risk factors

    5. For the sick, learn more about whether the disease has a genetic predisposition, conduct early intervention to the family to reduce the incidence rate of the family

    6. Minimizing the occurrence of major diseases

    7. Controlling and reduce the medical costs, ease economic and mental burdens

    8. Keeping your best working conditions and strong working energy

    9. Improving life quality

    10. Saving treatment time

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