Sugon cloud computing assistant financial information technology construction

1.1. Informationization of Financial Industry

Financial informitionization means that the information technolgoy (such as computer technology, communication technology and artificial intelligence technology) is broadly applied in the financial industry, causing the fundamental and revolutionary changes of the financial theory and practice. It is also a systematic project of creating innovative operation, management and service modes for the financial system. Financial informationization is a component of the national informationization, and it is closely related and complementary to the informationization of the residents’ living, enterprises’ business and the whole society.

1.2. Problems

Compared with the international financial informationization, the infrastructure construction of China’s financial informationization is still not fully in place, and moreover, the application richness and sophistication, management level and innovation capabilities are also legged far behind the international level. The hardware and software construction is facing big challenges.

1.3. Solution Schema

According to the business needs of the financial industry, Sugon solution has integrated hardwares of network, server and storage into kinds of cloud infrastructure resource pools through various virtuel techniques, thus to creat suitable resource platforms with high reliability and expansibility for the financial industry. According to the characters of the the financial business, Sugon solution has built an automated management platform of heterogeneous facilities that can manage all the cloud infrastructure resources and improve the efficiency of operation, maintenance and management. The cloud management system can uniformly manage and schedule the network, storage, CPU, memory and the systems, and meanwhile it can provide the cloud platform operation-level management function for the operation & maintenance of the equipment, management of the asset life cycle, management of the resource utilization billing, management of the service directory, and the management of the service level etc.

1.4. Solution advanteges

- Adopting home-made and proprietary technology to create self-innovative, safe and controllable financial cloud computing center.

Sugon is the leading company in the domestic IT industry, and has rich technical reserve in the field of cloud computing, cloud storage and cloud safety. Sugon is going to build Kunming City Cloud using completely its own proprietary techniques, and ensure that the code is controllable, the technical leak is detectable, and the safety matter can be traced back. This demonstrates the self-innovation characteristics and fully serves the construction, operation and maintenance of the cloud computing center.

- Fully using the cloud coputing technology to create the high-performance and highly usable cloud computing center.

Combining the financial business and its practice characteristics, this solution specifically adopts several kinds of advanced cloud computing techniques such as virtualization, cluster and intelligent delivery, thus to realize the encapsulation and abstraction of the physical resources and form flexible, dynamic, high-performance and stable computing resource pool and storage resource pool, not only satisfying the requirement of the financial industry on the underlying support platform but also giving great flexibility to the application system of the financial industry.

- Fully considering the sensibility and high safety requirements of business data of the financial industry and building the safe cloud computing center of the financial industry.

This solution gives full consideration to the sensibility and high safety requirements of business data of the financial industry, and adopts DBstor backup system to provide offline backup for the system data, thus to avoid sigle copy in the system. In the whole financial cloud computing center, the whole Sugon CloudFirm cloud safety solution is adopted to provide the data with full ranges of protection from the network safety, data safety to the terminal safety.

- Adopting scientific management methods and means to set the high-performance operation and maitenance procedure.

Sugon has rich experience in the construction, operation and maintenance of the data center. With the advent of cloud computing era, by adopting high-performance management tools, Sugon provides multi-level, automated and full range of management tools, from infrastructure level to the intelligent payment level, from the physical resource level to the virtual resource level.

- Fully demonstrating the green design concept, adopting many kinds of energy-saving techniques to reduce the user TCO.

In this solution, we combine the CLoudview energy consumption management system with the CloudBASE infrastructure solution and realize multi-level energy consumption control, from IT equipment resouce to the room cooling envrionment, thus to effectively reduce the users’ inputs on later operation and maitenance and realize the overall goal of energy saving.

Product Recommendation

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