Regional health information platform solutions


The regional health information platform connects the basic business information systems of the medical and health care institutions within the region, it is a data exchange and sharing platform, it is the foundation and carrier of the information integration between different systems. The platform is built according to the “3521 Project”. The purpose of the project is to enable every one to fairly enjoy the basic medical and health care services, promote the sustainable development of the health industry.

Construction of the regional health information platform needs to start from the actual demands, connect the community health service system, maternal and child health information system, disease control system, health supervision system, medical service system, medical insurance system and other subsystems within the region through the health information system, so that to form a unified database, application database and sharing exchange platform to meet the actual development demands of health information in the future.

Through tens years of development, construction of health information has achieved many achievements, meanwhile, there are still some problems with it, such as the system partition and independence, unified and understand business processes, high investment and high operation and maintenance costs, etc. In addition to objective reasons, the most fundamental reason is the deviation in construction concept and mode. The construction concept driven by the IT technology and professional industrial demands, promoted the development of information technology to a certain extent, but this has also become the hinder in the development process. To build a high-efficient regional health information platform, the following four problems need to be properly treated.

        (1)Data sharing

        (2)Platform security

        (3)Data standardization

        (4)Data center


The cloud computing is characterized by its rapid business demands satisfaction ability, environmental protection and energy saving, as well as the improved resource management efficiency, while the integration between the regional health information platform and the cloud computing has certain necessity, opportunity and scientificalness. Therefore, Sugon recommends to build the regional health information platform through cloud computing.


The following figure describes the application mode of a provincial regional medical health cloud.


As shown in the figure above, the horizontal axis of the model is the county, city and province administrative regions involved in this program, the vertical axis is the three service models, IAAS, PAAS, SAAS, in the standard cloud computing model. Since different administrative regions have different features, the corresponding service model used in the construction are also different. Different service model may be selected according to the information level and business demands. If the information level is poor, SAAS service model shall be adopted, if there are different business requirements, the flexible IAAS, PASS, SAAS service model shall be used.

County region: due to limites of funds and technology, SAAS service model is generally used to built the information platform

City region: between the province and county region, it has strong information construction foundation and force, flexible IAAS, PASS, SAAS service models may be adopted.

Province region: it has different business requirements and management requirements from city regions, thus the flexible IAAS, PAAS, SAAS service models may be adopted in informaiton construction process.



The program defines the design program of “physical unity and logical distribution”.

The cloud center supports exchange and applications of regional medical health platforms within the province, locals may set up sub-clouds according to actual application situations. The province, county and city regions are connected through dedication networks. For platform below the county level, the county hospitals and township hospitals are connected through specific VPN network, so that to ensure the underlying hospitals to get excellent information system service. For village hospitals, community health service stations and other underlying stations, consider to access through the ordinary ADSL VPN.

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