Loss-independence crows care platform solutions

Background overview

Presently, China is facing the severe pension situations, based on the recently released “The twelfth five-year plan for China’s aging development”, from 2011 to 2015, the population of 60 years old or above in China will increase to 221 million from the 178 million, the proportion of the elderly population will increase by 16% from 13.3%. In addition to the “empty-nest” families in which their children are not at home, there is still another type of “empty-nest” families” in the community, the “empty” reason for such families is not because of their outgoing children, but because of their only child passes away, such families are called “lost-child families”. Parents in such families can not expect their children to go home and stay with them, but they hope the country and society may provide them more guarantee and love, at least, we should not ignore their existence. Based on the sample statistics by relevant agencies: presently, the population of only-child aging from 15 to 30 in China is up to 190 million, the death rate in this age group is four ten thousandths, therefore, about 76000 lost-child families may be generated annually, based on such a statistics, the number of lost-child families in China is at least over one million.

For the lost-child families, when they lost their children, they can only rely on the state and society when they get old. But for now, the helping system against such lost-child families are not complete, the community can not provide better supports and guarantee for them, meanwhile, the huge lost-child population is helplessly seek for their living way. For most lost-child families, their emotional dependence and pension security has naturally become a more prominent social problem.

The “cloud computing and internet-of-things technology based elderly health service platform” provides social services with families as its core, it replies on the community and professional services, solve daily life difficulties for the elderly and provide health management for the old.

Program introduction

Through the internet-of-things technology, provide physical examination equipments and monitoring equipments for the Family Planning Commission and the elderly service agencies (individuals), including the convenient measurement equipments and health warning, provide dynamic monitoring, intelligent analysis and instruction on the physical indicators uploaded by the elderly losing their children. The patients may go to the hospital for doctor’s suggestions, medical consulting, heath care and timely health advices at any time. Through such a unified service platform, strive to provide health service (warning) and communication platforms for the elderly losing their children and their relatives, the elderly and the service unit (individual), the elderly and the Family planning committee, or even mutually between the above roles, the terminal supports mobile phone, PC, cable login.

Through this platform, we may

For the government, through the “lost-child group caring platform”, it may conveniently advocate the general groups, groups with chronic and serious diseases to adopt healthy lifestyles, intervene chronic disease risk factors, control the rapid growth of chronic disease, achieve the transmission from the past “seeing the doctor” to the present “initiatively health management” of community health management, relying on the “lost-child group caring platform”, enable the relevant elderly to timely understand and master their physical indicators and dynamic changes, thus to a play an important promotion role in improving the overall health level of the residence.

Program benefits

1.Achieving health dynamic monitoring, health data intelligent analysis and  report, personalized health information library and personalized health instructions for the elderly losing their children, change from “disease management” to “health management”, explore important ways to reduce the national medical costs.

2.Relying on the Internet-of-things and the cloud computing technology, in the way of relevant medical test equipments and physical examinations, promote the overall health management solutions covering prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, nursing, psychology and other aspects into the the lost-child group.

3.In the operation, provide medical devices leasing and use training services for enterprises and individuals, this will, to some extent, improve the equipments utilization and recycling use efficiency, as well as the overall technical quality level of the personnel nursing the elderly.

4.A large quantity of qualified elderly health service personnel may be trained annually, so that to promote the standardization of the elderly service industry, provide a variety of elderly health prevention and control services based on medical examination devices, solve practical problems for the vast lost-child elderly and provide more guarantee and care for such a group.

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