Assisted Teaching Scheme in Colleges and Universities

Assisted Teaching Scheme in Colleges and Universities

As scale of colleges and universities unceasingly expands, the number of students also increases ceaselessly, which,therefore, leads to great challenges for the traditional teaching methods. Modernized teaching methods are inseparable from the computers’ auxiliary, so all colleges and universities have been invovled in increasing computers purchase and the number of computer classrooms. At present, most of the teaching is realized in computer rooms, where students surf the Internet to find information in their spare time and finish the homework, so the management of computer rooms and response speed can directly influence smooth progress of teaching work.

In order to meet teaching needs, the overall system can be devided into two parts:

(1) Virtual desktop cloud partition

This partition mainly undertakes teaching work and students' professional practice work. Virtualization of the server in the first place and then sharing through desktop can be designed into newly teachers’teaching partition and students’ learning area according to needs; students and teachers can connect the system through a variety of terminal (tablet, PC, thin client, mobile phone, etc.) to, and make personalized settings for professional teaching, learning and practice.

(2) High performance computing partition

High performance computing partition is divided into two parts: computing cluster and management system. Due to characteristics compute cluster, this part is not suitable for virtualization, but since a compute cluster is popular among many people, desktop virtualization can be realized on management system; different management personnel can make personalized settings on their desktop, so as to realize personalized management. Through the construction scheme, teachers and students can access HPC and auxiliary teaching & professional practice by means of a variety of terminal through the virtual desktop, so as to easily realize personalied and mobiled teaching and learning.

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