Sugon Digital prediction solution for the New Energy Research Institute of China Electric Power Research Institute


Presently, the annual global wind energy is equivalent to about 1000 times of the annual energy generated through coal consumption, this is much higher than hydropower, also larger than the sum energy of solid and liquid fuels. The most important advantage of wind power is that it does not contain any pollutant and is a kind of clean raw material, not any pollutant will be generated in the wind power production process, it will also not cause excessive internal energy consumption. Meanwhile, wind power is natural resource, it exists at anywhere and any time, thus the development cost is extremely economical. Therefore, wind power is a type of energy-saving, clean and cheap energy. Wind power is the most important form in wind energy application, it is also the most mature one in today’s new energy development and application field, it is the most promising area in commercial development.

Core demands

In wind power generation, wind above level III is of the use value. However, from the reasonable economic perspective, only wind with a speed higher than 4m/s is suitable for power generation. According to the measurements, for a 55kW wind turbine, when the wind speed is up to 9.5m/s, the output power of the unit is 55kW, while when the wind speed is 8m/s, the output power is 38kW, when the wind speed is 6m/s, the output power is only 16kW, when the wind speed is only 5m/s, the output power is only 9.5kW. Therefore, the higher wind speed, the higher economic benefits. Sugon closely cooperated with the New Energy Research Institute of China Electric Power Research Institute, helped the client to realize meteorological digital prediction to forecast the generating capacity of of the wind energy power generation regions throughout China.

Demands analysis

New energy refers to the unconventional energy developed and used on the basis of new technologies. Presently, the new energy projects participated by Sugon mainly belong to wind energy power, this needs to master the wind speed of the future days, future weeks or even future months, as well as wind trend through weather forecast to predict the power generation, therefore, wind energy power generation information is mainly obtained from weather information.


Based on its accumulated experience in the field of meteorology, Sugon provided the New Energy Research Institute with practice office environment requirements, this requires relatively large floating-point computing amount, intensive communication, the system is required for high stability and high I/O throughput capacity, suitable for small and medium users, accordingly, high-performance and high-reliability Sugon TC2600/TC 3600 blade servers were applied as the high-performance computer for computing, different nodes were interconnected through high-speed Infiniband, the storage system applied high-performance Sugon parallel files system ParaStor, additionally, the high-availability and self redundant service modules independently developed by Sugon were configured to ensure the stability and high efficiency of the system.

System Structure


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