High Performance Computing Center subsystem solutions

The high-performance computing applications are diversified. The computing programs require different computing resources in physics, chemistry, biology, CAE/CFE engineering computing and weather and ocean numerical forecast, but most applications require high-density computing and high-perofrmance CPU float computing of the computing system. Some applications such as gene sequence serach and match mainly require integer computing. Some applications can be accelerated by using co-processor such as GPU. The high-performace computing is divided by execution mode into serial, parallel and concurrent. The mainstream parallel model includes the message transmission parallel model such as MPI and sharing memory multi-thread parallel model such as OpenMP. The former realizes the parallelism cross computing nodes. The later realizes parallelism inside a computing node. in addition, different programs require different memories, disk IO and network communication, such as electromagneitc simulation and gene sequence combination requiring mass memory and high disk IO.

So the node type selection and hardware configuration of the computing sub-system should be matched with the application features. The hybrid architecture based on blade cluster plus multi-channel fat node and GPU co-processing unit is recommended for the integrated high-performance computing center to completely cover the application requirements. The Sugon TC3600/TC4600 blade server can meet requiremetns of most applications and features high computing density, low whole power consumption, high reliability and easy managmeent. The Sugon A840, I840 four-channel server and I950 8-channel server is used as the fat node of the computing system. It features high standalone performance, big memory capacity and high local IO and is suitable for some standallone parallel sharing memory multi-thread parallel program and applications requiring high-magnitude memory or high local IO speed. In addition, GPU and MIC co-processor can acceleate some applications remarkably as a supplementary means.

Product Recommendation

Tiankuo I620-G30, developed by Sugon based on Intel ® xeon ® extensible processor platform, has extensive uses as a two-way server. I620-G30, which is fully self-developed, possesses superior computing performance and powerful IO expanding capacity, realizing high performance and high expansibility to the maximum extent, so it can meet the needs of all industries. I620-G30 server is very suitable for finance, securities, transportation, post, telecommunication, energy, Internet and other industries with data centers and remote business environment which is demanding on the server performance, extensibility and reliability.
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10U up to 14 nodes 2-socket or 4-socket, converged-architecture blade server with Outstanding performance and efficiency
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