Sugon Test Cloud Solution

Sugon Test Cloud Solution

Sugon test cloud solution makes use of desktop virtualization technology to fundamentally solve the problems about information security and system security in the process of business development through terminal by office staff. This technology realizes the operating system and application software running on the server or backstage workstation, but operation (input/output) on the client machine; all inputs such as mouse and keyboard are synchronized to the server, while all of outputs such as screen refresh are synchronized to the client.

Complete desktop virtualization scheme provides an end-to-end desktop management solution. General architecture of desktop virtualization solution is shown in the figure below:


Virtualized infrastructure:virtualization infrastructure divides a single physical server into multiple virtual operating systems with resources sharing through server virtualization software, so as to provide services of the desktop.

Virtual desktop delivery controller:virtual desktop delivery controller is responsible for scheduling the entire virtual desktop system, such as registration of new virtual desktop and pointing the request of the virtual desktop to the system available. Users finally obtain the authorized desktop through interactive identification with the controller.

Image management:for a large number of users’ virtual desktop management, good image management can effectively solve the various problems faced by the management. Through image management, a base operating system image can be created, which includes configuration of all operating system level specified in enterprises’ rules.

Virtual application:virtual application technology is integrated into a virtual desktop, and the goal is to spate the differences among different users application from the operating system, so as to reduce the complexity of system management, responsible for identifying the assigned applications, and delivering it to the virtual desktop.

Personalization: personalization of solution allows users to customize their work environment. Through personalization, users’ settings can be preserved, and no matter which desktop that the users access to, the saved personalized settings can be users, which can achieve the consistent users’ experience.

High efficient remote access protocol:efficient remote access protocol can greatly reduce the bandwidth requirement, and realize LAN, WAN and even Internet access; in addition, remote access can be close to, or even reach the effect of local use.

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