Construction Scheme for Library Cloud Service Platform

Construction Scheme for Library Cloud Service Platform

Needs for Library Informatization

Digital library is a new development pattern of a library under the network environment and digital environment, which uses modern information technology to integrate the mass, distributed and heterogeneous digital resources, so as to form an orderly whole and provide friendly and efficient services through a variety of media, so that people can access to information and knowledge anytime and anywhere. Digital library has the following several significant demands:

(1) magnanimous data storage; 

(2) Orderly resource content process; 

(3) services based on multiple media; 

(4) Highly sharing platform.

E-reading room solution based on virtual desktop:

At present, electronic reading-room mostly adopts PC model, which is confronted with many problems, such as high costs in purchasing and deployment, idling and waste of lots of PC resources, difficulties in late management maintenance, poor security, etc. Therefore, how to build an electronic reading room system with low costs, easy management and high security has always been a focus in the field of library information. There is a great number of electronic reading room terminals to be established with complex network environment and high system maintenance costs; how to efficiently and effectively deploy, maintain and manage local and remote users’ business system has also become a problem faced by administrators. Using cloud computing technology can reduce implementation costs and can decrease failure rate of cloud terminal. Operation platform and software are under unified maintenance in a cloud platform, which can reduce maintenance difficulty. Centralized management network ensures network behavior under control and management. Through cloud computing technique, thin client +virtual machine mode takes place of traditional PC computer, server terminal makes unified management to the virtual machine. Based on standard hardware and software environment, in particular, based on virtualization and cloud computing environment, private cloud hosting is established, which can reduce management costs.


Product Recommendation

Tiankuo I620-G30, developed by Sugon based on Intel ® xeon ® extensible processor platform, has extensive uses as a two-way server. I620-G30, which is fully self-developed, possesses superior computing performance and powerful IO expanding capacity, realizing high performance and high expansibility to the maximum extent, so it can meet the needs of all industries. I620-G30 server is very suitable for finance, securities, transportation, post, telecommunication, energy, Internet and other industries with data centers and remote business environment which is demanding on the server performance, extensibility and reliability.
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Tiankuo I610-G30, developed by Sugon based on Intel ® xeon ® extensible processor platform, has extensive uses as a two-way server. In 1U height space, I610-G30 perfectly integrates the performance, extensibility and density. It is not only applicable to data centers which are demanding on server’s performance such as online games but also to business environment which is demanding on server density and extensibility, such as internet, IDC and cloud computing, etc.
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10U up to 14 nodes 2-socket or 4-socket, converged-architecture blade server with Outstanding performance and efficiency
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