Telecommunication Network Monitoring All-in-one Machine Solutions

In 2012, the world entered into the era of mass data, with the development of mobile Internet and high-speed optical network, in order to meet the needs of national security and public safety, it is necessary to deploy a set of flow monitoring system for operators that can handle huge amounts of data information in real time with high efficiency, high reliability and high stability and can smoothly upgrade and expand.

Internet flow monitoring includes fixed Internet network, namely, broadband operators, and mobile Internet, namely, mobile communication network.

At present, bandwidth of domestic Internet backbone network/ provincial network includes 10GE, 10G POS, 40GE and 40G POS; hundreds of G network is likely to be supported in the future, which requires the system can support these access types.

Because Internet flow monitoring system usually is involved in national security and state secrets, the system should be controlled independently without back door of the system; at the same time, it should be transparent to users on the Internet, and users shall not perceive existance of the system; and the system itself shall have a certain robustness and resistance to aggress, and key components support high availability and redundancy.

Internet flow monitoring concerned by the system mainly includes the following business types: E-mail, HTTP, WAP, VOIP, authentication and billing, file transfer, remote login, short message, forum, instant messaging, social networks, etc. Considering the tunnel for transmission in the operators’ backbone network, Q in Q, MPLS, VPN, etc. and other different protocols; flow regulation system needs to be able to recognize different flow access protocols including Ethernet, POS, IPv4 / IPv6, TCP/UDP, ICMP, SCTP, IP in IP tunnel, MPLS label, Q in Q, two/three/four layers VPN.

It is necessary to keep the data grabed in network after analysis for archiving and further data mining, which requires the system can support saving and efficient reading and writing of large amounts of structured data and unstructured data.

By building Internet flow monitoring system, the specialized departments conduct management and operations, provide Internet content audit, and monitor the state of Internet content, providing accurate support for the decision-making departments.

There are many advantages for adopting Sugon all-in-one solutions for Internet flow monitoring system:

 Solution of Sugon Internet flow monitoring system is a system-wide platformizationfrom solutinos including network flow convergence access to processing analysis, results storage, further excavation that contains network, computing and storage; build hardware environment of the complete flow regulation system, to full system integration network flow monitoring system, for users with unnecessary deployment of other devices.

 Good system scalability with flexible deployment: FlowFirm flow processing integration platform can support cascading expansion, and each device can support 4 users for independent use; cascade of several FlowFirm can realize more users’ support; Likewise, system access, processing and storage capacity can be increased through cascade equipment platform; in addition, storage and analysis ability can also be extended through connection of database system and deep mining system at back end of the platform. Secondly, Flowfirm adopts national standards, which can support docking with servers produced by other manufacturers, so as to avoid restrictions on purchasing policy.

 The system supports the cusomization of special needs on application side, supporting RHEL and GreatTurbo and other operation system, which is convenient for transplantation of the upper application.

 The system supports all common protocols in the Internet, and can support the replication and forwarding of multi-users’ flow. Namely, it can replicate the network flow to a number of different monitoring systems for processing.

 The system will integrate network flow access, analysis and processing, storage and depth mining into the same hardware platform, and truns the network exchange into exchange in the system, which improves the performance of data exchange; it can also flexibly extend the processing capacity of the system through cascade equipment and circumscribed mass data storage and data mining system.

 The system uses advanced hardware architecture of high-end "distributed + FPGA + multi-core flow network processor" in the industry, and adopts hardware technologies such as TCAM, FPGA, fabric exchange architecture for network data processing, so as to achieve line speed access and processing.

 Core part of the system -- FlowFirm flow processing integration platform supports the highest standards of ATCA of telecommunication level open platform with high density, low power consumption, high flexibility, high extension and other advantages, and the reliability and stability at the same time can satisfy the application at telecommunication level.

 The system supports special zero copy, VideoSpeed accelerator cards and parallel storage system for mass data developed by Sugon; optimization is conducted in each level of the system, so as to improve the performance.

 All equipments of the system are valuable achievements through Sugon’s independent innovation and independent research and development, used in flow moniotoring of backbone network, which is safer and controllable.

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