High-Density Overall Cabinet Solutions

With the rapid development of computer technology, especially the widespread use of high heat density of blade servers, there is a huge raise in the installed devices, power density, heating density of single cabinet number. With the wide applications of high-performance computing, virtualization, cloud computing technology, the efficiency of IT equipment is highly improved. For example, the standard 42U high cabinet filled racks or blade servers running at full capacity, the power density is up to 20KW, correspondingly, the heat density of a single cabinet is also around 20KW. For high power density and heat density, power supply and cooling become the critical point to the development of data center.

Under the condition of using traditional precision air conditioning to refrigerate, each cabinet sets 1-2 outlet, each outlet’s air output is 500-600m3/h, with temperature difference in 11°C, each air outlet can take away 1.5-2kW energy, that is, the maximum amount of heat energy a single cabinet single air conditioning and refrigeration taken away is 3kW-5kW. Due to the limitations of raised floor and precision refrigeration air conditioning centralized air supply’s bottleneck, prone to cause overheating protection around the local thermal conductivity, which cannot solve the high-density cooling problem of server installation. We began to consider again and choose the refrigeration efficiency far greater than the air liquid cooled systems. The same volume flow heat capacity of water is 3,500 times than that of air. Water and refrigerant heat exchange is much better than that of air and refrigerant. Moreover, the former is pollution-free, easy to use and has low price. Some thermal conductivity properties of the liquid refrigerant or antifreeze liquid is similar to water, you can mix them with water to use under a special ultra-low temperature environment.

For this reason, the Sugon CloudBASE C2000 water-cooled heat density overall cabinet refrigeration solutions emerged. The overall cabinet is equipped with independent configuration cold water refrigeration module, fully enclosed water-cooled cabinets as refrigeration and cooling terminal system, air circulation within the cabinet adopts front wind sending and rear exhaust. The system has a strong cooling capacity, high cooling efficiency, stable and reliable and low noise, mainly used in small and medium-sized high-performance computer room, high heat density areas of large-scale cloud computing room.

Overall water-cooled cabinet system is mainly composed of frozen water unit, circulating pumps, cold storage tank, and fully enclosed water-cooled cabinets.

Figure  High-Density Water-Cooled Cabinet System Structure

The single cabinet cooling capacity of Sugon CloudBASE C2000 high-density overall cabinet solutions is up to 20kW. The hot air exhausted by server equipment will be brought out from the back door of the cabinets into the air and the cold heat exchanger on the bottom of the cabinet, air cooled, and then sent back to the server, front inhaled to finish the primary air heat exchange loop. Cabinet heat exchanger is connected to the cold water system and high heat density cabinets, taking away the heat out of the cabinet through outdoor chillers.

Figure  High-Density Water-Cooled Cabinet Structure

In Sugon CloudBASE C2000 system, the air circulation of internal cabinet has small air flow in return circuit, big temperature difference, short path, high efficiency of heat exchange, high reliability, which can effectively solve high density heat off and heat unevenly problems of the conventional air conditioning concentrated blowing. The fan on the back door of cabinet can adjust the dynamic speed, air volume and high efficiency of the system according to the cabinet temperature. Because the cabinet is sealed completely, the refrigeration cycle is completed inside the cabinet. Therefore, the cabinet microenvironment is separated from the entire room environment, which is conducive to quickly and accurately control the temperature in each cabinet, to reduce the waste of energy in the room environment and greatly reduce the engine room noise.

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