Solutions for Construction of a Large Data Center

Large data center sustains the core business of enterprise and public institution, group and agency with high importance, not allowing business interruption. Generally, it is established in conformity with the GB Class A standard, to ensure the data center can work properly even in case of abnormal breakdown or normal maintenance, and the core business is not affected.

The infrastructure construction of data center room is a systematic project involving multi-disciplinary and multi-field knowledge, for instance, electrical engineering, electronics, building decoration, aesthetics, HVAC cleaning, computer, weak current control and fire protection professional, etc. The various systems are set up in accordance with the functional requirements, including the following eight major systems: building decoration system, power distribution system, air-conditioner fresh air system, lightning protection and earthing system, monitoring and management system, cabinet micro-environment system, fire alarm system and comprehensive wiring system.

1、Building Decoration System

Building decoration system is the basis of the entire computer room and mainly plays a role in dividing the function zone. According to users’ demands and device characteristics, the computer room area can generally be divided into main computer room and auxiliary computer room. The main computer room is reserved for placing equipment rack and servers.etc; The auxiliary computer room includes fiber optic room, power room, control room, air-conditioned room and operating room, which will provide the service for the main computer room. In addition, the decoration of data center room will adopt antistatic flooring, micropore return ceiling to ensure the room under the conditions of air tightness, no dust, no fire, anti-static and insulation etc. in order to provide favorable working conditions for the staff, and also the protection function for room equipment maintenance.

2、Power Supply and Distribution System

It is the power guarantee to ensure the computer room operation. Computer room load is divided into main equipment load and auxiliary equipment load. The main equipment load refers to computer and network systems, computer peripheral equipment and room monitoring system; the supply and distribution system of these parts are called “power distribution systems for equipment”, which require high quality of power supply, so UPS uninterruptible power supply will be adopted to ensure the stability and reliability of power supply. Auxiliary equipment load refers to air conditioning equipment, power equipment, lighting equipment, test equipment. Power supply and distribution system of those parts are known as “auxiliary power supply and distribution system”, the power supply relies on civil power directly. The room electrical construction should choose a high-quality cable, trunking and socket. The sockets should select UPS and waterproof sockets dedicated for major equipment with distinct mark. Non-glare high-class lighting should be chosen for the room.

3、Air Conditioning Fresh Air System

It is the guarantee for runningenvironment. Due to a large number of network and computer equipments are placed in high-density in the data center room, not only large amount of concentrated heat is produced, and it has high demands on the number and size of the dust in the environment, which puts forward higher requirements for air conditioning system. To ensure reliable operation of the equipment, the room needs maintain a certain temperature and humidity. At the same time, air conditioning is not enough when the room is sealed, you must add new air to complete the internal cycle. In addition, it must control the quantity of dust in the entire computer room, filtrates the new air, so as to achieve a certain degree of purification.

4、Lightning Protection and Earthing System

It provides a strong guarantee of the safe operation of the entire room. Room lightning is divided into direct lightning and inductive lightning. As for the lightning protection from direct lightning strikes, it will be completed by the lightning rod installed by the building; the room lightning protection (including the room power system and weak information systems) mainly avoid the lightning surges caused by inductive lightning and over-voltage by others. Earthing system is one of the key standards to measure a room construction quality. The earthing system of the room is generally divided into four grounded ways exchange, security protection, DC working ground and lightning protection. The room will adopt integrated ground solutions, the resistance of which should be less than 1 ohm.

5、Monitoring and Management System

Monitoring and Management System

6、Cabinet Micro-environment System

It is the real operating environment for IT equipment. In room construction, it is need to give full consideration of every rack in setting optimized power distribution, temperature monitoring system, cable management, combining rack, cooling, power, management and maintenance into an overall solution, which will provide reliable operation of the micro-environment for cabinet IT equipment.

7、Fire Alarm System

It is the shield safe operation of the entire room. The fire detection system needs to be equipped with a warm feeling, smoke detectors and infrared sensor, and most of the fire-extinguishing systems should adopt gas extinguishing. This requires that the steel cylinder room, fire control room and some pipes must be the planned before construction, so as to achieve full range of alarm, partition extinguishing to maximize the ability to fire prevention.

8、Integrated Wiring System

It is the way of network communications for the room. Integrated wiring system is a set of information transmission channel between the building or group of buildings setting in advance for the computer, communications facilities and monitoring system. It combines voice, data, image and other devices to each other, while the above apparatus can communicate with external data networks.

The most important systems among the eight large-scale infrastructure systems of data center are the air conditioning and cabinet micro-environment system, power supply and distribution system, and intelligent monitoring and management system. The pool level overall solutions of Sugon CloudBASE C4000 cabinet provide cabinets, air conditioning, power distribution and monitoring, the integration of four subsystems module integrated together to achieve comprehensive and state-of-the-art one-step solution with functions to meet the requirements and adapt to the new requirements of modern computing technology and business model on the room infrastructure energy efficiency, scalability and construction period.

Diagram  Sugon CloudBASE Integrated Solution Structure

1、Air Conditioning and Cabinet Micro-environment System

Partition construction will be conducted in the unit of cabinet group. The cabinet will be set face-to-face and back-to-back. The channel between cabinet rows will be processed to close. The hot and cold air isolation will be formed into channel in the room, placing the lines air conditioning in the cabinet row, to achieve efficient cooling, energy-saving consumption in the room.

Sugon CloudBASE C4000 interline air conditioning is divided into two kinds of fluorine cold and water-cooled, providing the highest 10KW to 30KW cooling capacity of single cabinet. Indoor unit is set in the layout of cabinet row in line with the equipment cabinet. The refrigeration module exhausts wind in front and gets return air behind in conformity with airflow organizations and cabinet equipment, supporting mesh door cabinet cold aisle containment system. It will form the hot and cold channel separation inside and outside of cabinet rows; the cabinets will be placed face-to-face, and face-to-face area is the cold channel, the back is the hot channel. The airflow is shown below. It will avoid the hot and cold air mixing phenomenon, achieve the nearest precision air flow and improve the efficiency of the refrigeration unit.

Figure  Sugon C4000 System Airflow Organizations Effect

The cabinet pool level group will develop with high scalability, which are suitable for large-scale data center stage and modular construction. The horizontal air distribution between the lines are designed with cabinet together, installing cabinet, convenient and efficient without affecting other devices, which can coexist with the operation of other electronic devices.

2、Power Supply and Distribution System

Dual civil power and special diesel generator will be used as a backup power system. Switching is realized by the ATS automatic switch, to supply highly redundant power for data center UPS, computer room air conditioning, lighting and other equipments. Supply and distribution system adopts the double power supply systems with two sets of independent UPS power supply system and the back-end distribution system, in the case of any set of power line is in need of maintenance or failure, the other set of power supply can still bear all the load to ensure the normal power supply of the room.

The internal room distribution adopts PDM-PDU model, allocated only to the head of distribution module of each cabinet pool from the UPS output, then, assigned to the pool level cabinets supply to improve distribution scalability and manageability of the electrical system

Figure  Power Supply and Distribution System of Large-Scale Data Center Structure

3、Intelligent Monitoring and Management System

Large data center needs to control operating status of power supply, air conditioning, etc., meanwhile, to monitor the cabinet micro-environment, such as temperature and humidity, water leakage, smoke and other parameters, to ensure that the work of the data center is in a normal range.

Sugon CloudBASE system can monitor various environmental parameters of temperature, humidity, water leakage, smoke feeling, cleanliness of the cabinet pool level, conduct real-time monitoring and management of data center equipment operating parameters and environment. At the same time, the powerful management software has the functions of equipment lifecycle management, early warning of equipment failure, emergency response, remote monitoring and management. They can be integrated into the monitoring of the Sugon IT systems management software platform, achieving intelligent control and management of the computer room infrastructure and IT systems.

Product Recommendation

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Green RackC1000
The GreenRow cabinet is equipped with a micro data center, which integrates cabinet, power distribution, cooling, wiring and monitoring systems. It adopts a fully enclosed design. The interior uses the inter-row air conditioner to cool nearby. The cold and hot air flow channels are isolated in the cabinet, and the heat exchange efficiency is greatly improved. The power density of single cabinet can reach up to 30kW, which perfectly matches the construction needs of medium and high density data centers.
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