Urban Emergency Solutions for Sugon City Cloud


The State Council attaches great importance to the prevention and processing capacity to make response to emergent public events, natural disasters, accidents, public health, social security events are all listed in emergent public events. In summary, the emergent public events in our state have the following characteristics:

Multiple disaster categories, high occurence frequency, wide distribution and serious damage.

Major and serious accidents occur repeatedly. In recent years, annually about 100000 people die from various types of accidents in China and several thousands of people get hurt in such accidents, the indirect and direct economic losses are over a hundred billion yuan.

A variety of infectious diseases have not been effectively controlled.

Factors affecting national security and social stability still exist.

Solution Position

Sugon City Public Emergency Command Comprehensive operating platform mainly focuses on providing overall operating supports for urban public emergency on-site acquisition system, emergency comprehensive application system, emergency command comprehensive database, mobile command platform construction and etc. As an important fundamental platform in the urban public emergency command system, the urban public emergency command comprehensive operating platform plays an important role in the construction of the entire emergency command system. Based on years of experience of Sugon in construction of fundamental platforms, Sugon mainly studied how to provide open, mainstream and standard comprehensive support operating platforms, so that to provide excellent operating environments for professional urban public emergency command system.

System Architecture

The National Emergency Platform System is composed of the State Council, provincial and departmental emergency platforms, as well as the public emergency information acceptance and broadcasting platform and the information publishing platform relying on the center city and radiating the rural grassroot areas.


Infrastructure: emergency command site, mobile emergency platform (application of the existing resources), basic support system.

Urban public emergency command comprehensive operating platform: this is an independently controlled cloud computing operating system based on the cloud infrastructures, it is designed to realize the unified service and business management, improve the overall operation and maintenance efficiency.

The data layer iscomposed of the basic information base, geographic information base, accidents information base, plans base, knowledge base, model base, cases base and files base.

The Application Support layer isthe middle layer in the supporting business application system, it includes the GIS display service, work stream service, statements service.

The Business Application layerarranges the emergency application system.

The Display layer includes the emergency portal, display screen and mobile emergency equipments terminals.

Network Structure

The network system of the entire urban public emergency command comprehensive operating platform mainly includes the network construction of the urban public emergency command data center, network access of the public emergency command center, network access of the urban public emergency system coordination departments and access of wireless network for emergency information acquisition on sites of emergencies.

Product Recommendation

A620-G30 is an enterprise-level flagship 2-way server developed by Sugon based on AMD latest Naples processor platform. Based on independently development, A620-G30 has high-end specification, powerful processing capability and great I/O scalability which meet the various business requirements of running mission critical applications stable, reliable and efficient. A620-G30 server is a good fit for the industrial data centers with rigid requirements for server performance, scalability, and reliability, such as government, Internet, Power, Telecom and Finance and remote enterprise environments.
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Silicon Cube
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