E-government Solutions for Sugon City Cloud

1.E-government system

Through the application of computer, network and other modern IT technologies, the e-government business is able to achieve the optimization of the governmental structural organizations and work procedures, go beyond the limits of time, space and departments, establish a simplified, high-efficient, honest and fair government operation mode, so that to overall provide high-quality, planned, transparent international management and service for the community.In the smart city system, as the biggest owner of urban data and city management and service provider, the government will inevitably become the leader of the city cloud computing center, the e-government data center will also become the core data center of the city cloud computing center, the e-government service will become the most core service content provided by city cloud services.

2.Challenges for e-government system

In the past 20 years of development, the e-government in China experienced a development process of constantly enriching its connotation, constantly improving its status and constantly strengthening its role, however, in both the information construction and application process, there are still certain unscientific factors:

Information linkage in the internal government and between the government departments is not close enough, the information summary and information comprehensive processing capability are quite weak, thus e-government information is likely to form “Information Island” in various departments.

Repeated investment and construction exist in government information with relativity, unified standard does not exist, thus it’s quite difficult to achieve information sharing, repeated construction has to be implemented.

E-government develops extremely low, it’s quite difficult to achieve the purpose of facilitating people’s life and lead urban management, the utilization of the government effective information is relatively low.

The repeated e-government construction is not the most important problem, the low utilization of the government information is also only a surface problem, the subsequent problems include the low increase of urban people’s livelihood, impeding the local economic development rather than promotion, insufficient attraction to off-site funds, the comprehensive competitiveness of the whole city can not be fully played. Therefore, the priority for development of current e-government in China is to solve the “Information Island” problems, share government data, fully play the advantages of the values of the government information.

3.E-government development trends

In our existing national conditions, through summing up the domestic and foreign e-government development explorations, we may conclude that the urban e-government business in our state may be summed up in three stages:

Stage 1: Under the leading a certain government department, begin to construct a data sharing and exchange center with a certain theme from a certain aspect.

Stage 2: on the basis of the local government data sharing and exchange center established in Stage 1, set up a municipal government data sharing and exchange center, government data center.

Stage 3: On the basis of the municipal government data sharing and exchange center, develop application and form a government service center.

4.Sugon e-government cloud solutions 

Sugon e-government cloud solutions may provide overall and effective solutions from the aspects of infrastructure, government information and government services, so that to solve the dispersed IT system construction in government departments, information island and interaction difficulties, as well as problems from construction to social services.

From overall planning to computer room design, from fundamental products to system migration, Sugon is able to provide overall basic platform services, by application of the independently controlled technologies and products, relying on the practical experience accumulated in dozens of e-government projects, Sugon may help the government users to implement unified integration on the e-government basic platform, so that to make the e-government of the whole city more intensive, efficient and flexible.

The data sharing and exchange platform in Sugon E-government cloud solutions adopts mature structures and products, data from various committees, offices and bureaus are effectively integrated and formed an exchange and gathering platform at the cloud computing center, thus further forms the fundamental data about the government or even the whole city. Of course, the acquisition method used in Yichang E-government cloud data jointly cooperated by Sugon and Yichang Municipal Government may also be borrowed, implement real-time data acquisition, upload, comparison and integration through city grid administrators.

Sugon E-government cloud solutions may conveniently create service platforms through the business system of the data center and may custom services according to the characteristic demands of users. Enable the government business and services to be easily linked with the public.

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