Digital Environmental Protection Solutions for Sugon City Cloud


Digital environmental protection refers to process, analyze and manage the information about all environmental business and environmental accidents throughout the city through information technology and mobile communication technology, through environmental information, set up environmental monitoring, pollution source monitoring, ecological protection and security and environmental security and other information systems, so that to facilitate to collect massive accurate data, implement quantitative and qualitative analysis, provide scientific support for decision making process in environmental management. Through environmental information technology, time and regional limits in environmental management may be broke, the objectivity and authenticity of environmental information may be maximized, this is helpful to break local protectionism, strengthen environmental laws enforcement capacity. Through environmental information, set up environmental real-time monitoring and environmental emergency command system, so that to facilitate to make rapid response against environmental emergencies, correctly estimate the influence and damage of such events, effectively command the processing process to guarantee the environmental security of our state. Through environmental information, , we can use the modern information network to collect and publish information about environmental protection, this is helpful for carrying out interactions between the government and the public, ensure the rights of the public in information, supervision and participation in the aspect of environmental protection, better protect the rights and interests of the public, mobilize and promote the public to participate in the public utilities of environmental protection.

Existing problems

Development of application software is still remains in fragmentation, the sharing degree of information resources is extremely low.

Environmental information construction in partial regions and counties is still seriously lagged and information acquisition is also affected.

Applications are structured in departments at all levels, repeated construction exists.

Substandard information security, security risks exist.

Environmental emergency treatment still remains in the post-processing stage, lacking of prior warning mechanisms.

Solution Position

The digital environmental protection system is a comprehensive complex business system, it involves in multiple business departments and complex business procedures, with the attitude to be responsible for the project, under the guidance principle of delivering professional work through professional personnel, relying on its years of experience in construction of fundamental platforms, Sugon focused on studying how to provide open, mainstream and standard comprehensive support operation platforms for users, so that to provide excellent operating environment for the digital environmental protection system.

As the leader in the field of cloud computing, Sugon has accumulated rich construction and operation experience and technical accumulation in cloud computing projects, by fully playing its technologies and experience, Sugon will provide high-efficient, standard and open comprehensive platform for digital environmental protection.


Cloud computing infrastructure layer: mainly includes the physical environment of the cloud computing center, construct the computing resource pool, storage resource pool and network resource pool, realize infrastructure, i.e, services.

Platform layer: through the independently controllable cloud computing operating system, realize the unified management on service management and business management of the cloud computing center, improve the operation and maintenance efficiency.

Data layer: mainly focuses on construction of databases with a core of digital environmental protection business and supporting environmental protection system basic data.

Support layer: mainly to achieve the normal operating midlleware products of the digital environmental protection business system.

Application layer: realize the core business information system construction of the environmental protection business.

Service layer: Interaction interface and platform between the cloud computing center and the final users, through this platform, unified external services may be provided at the cloud computing center.

Network construction: access of front-end various information acquisition network, access network of environmental protection business and functional departments and the public, network of the environmental protection monitoring center, network of the digital environmental protection data center.

Solution advantages

All-independent technologies are adopted to create innovation, safe and controllable environmental protection cloud platform.

Platform helping the customer to make response according to demands quickly.

Developed modules, the comprehensive supporting platform functions are finely classified and managed.

Integration, modules are reliably assembled.

Personalized, both operation and management are extremely simplified.

Product Recommendation

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