Digital Community Solution for Sugon City Cloud

1.Digital community system

The community is a basic institution which is most closely associated with the residents in urban life, it includes the residents, families, residential quarters within a region and the associated businesses and service agencies. Digital community means to organically connect the management and service providers with each household through digital information. This digital network system is able to enable the social information providers, community managers and households to carry out various types of real-time information exchanges, so that to create a community service system and interactive system for specific regions.

In the smart city system, as the most fundamental agency which is the most closely to the residents in a city, the community is an important information source, it is an important platform to reflect the people-oriented urban services. In the community information development process, the data center platform and service system are uniformly provided by the superior authorities, mangers and residents of the community are all users and service enjoyers of this platform.

2.Development status of digital community

Compared with the information progress of other urban departments and industries, as the most fundamental government agency in a city, the information development progress of the community is the lowest. The causes for this include both demand itself and social development selection problems.

With the continuous progress of the society, the community information demand is increasingly highlighted, from both the demands and the social concerns, the community information progress is required for more obvious and effective progress. On the other hand, wether the e-government or city cloud, smart community is an essential part of that.

Currently, construction of most digital communities is still in the initial stage: 

Sluggish two-way communication channels: obtaining of community information depends on the bulletin boards in various residential quarters, information from the government needs a long term to be properly distributed, feedback from the residents against the information can not be collected, the government can not know exactly how many people have got such information. Massive complaints and requirements information from the residents can not be timely satisfied, in the information obtaining process, the residence can not judge whether the information is true or false.

Lacking of targeted services: the parents can not communicate with schools in a timely manner, residents do not know the road conditions before leaving home, seeing a doctor in the hospital need to line up, life service information surrounding the community can not be got, all information can only be obtained from other channels, information obtained is not targeted and its reliability can not be guaranteed.

The core problem that the digital community needs to solve is:

the sluggish communication problem existing between the community manager and the residents, strive to provide targeted authentic comprehensive community service platform.

3.Sugon Digital community solutions

To solve the community information communication and community service problem, Sugon digital community solution focuses on the construction of the community service platform.

The purpose of constructing a targeted and authentic comprehensive community service platform is to provide government information, current affairs, convenient services and other information for the residents, set up an interaction platform, enable the government to obtain information about the residents in the community in the forms of questionaries and others.

Submit and convey the wishes of the people through this platform, accept various types of demands of t he community residents at the same time.

Through this platform, the businesses may obtain more customer sources, meanwhile, they can provide more professional better services, promote the positive development of community service economy.

Through this platform, the residents may conveniently obtain all information needed, master the social and living dynamics, obtain various types of professional services, improve the satisfaction degree of the community and government in the residents, improve the harmony index.

Sugon digital community solutions may provide overall and effective solutions from the aspects of infrastructure, community information and community service, improve the two-way communication capacity in community information, enrich the targeted community services, improve the community management level and service quality.

Since the service form of digital community is not only confined to the network, TV, SMS, announcement in residential quarters, etc may also be applied. Through cooperation with local telecom operators and radio and television operators, in the forms of network leasing or platform, data sharing, etc, Sugon may provide complete data community service solutions.

On the other hand, in many practical cases, Sugon applied the e-government data center or city cloud data center-oriented digital community basic platform, this is also an excellent choice under the city cloud system.

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