Digital Logistics System Solutions for Sugon City Cloud

Digital logistics is achieved based on the city cloud, it is the senior stage in the development process of city logistics, this is a sustainable development progress. The purpose of this solutions is to enable city logistics more efficient and more controllable, thus to make the city enterprises to be more competitive and to make the people lives happier.

Cloud computing platform

The city cloud-based digital logistics system owns a powerful, customized, independently controlled virtual cloud computing platform, so that to provide strong operating support for the Internet of Things platform with massive information, the complex and professional smart storage platform and digital transportation platform. This cloud platform must have the following elements: the first and foremost, independently controlled technology to assure the high security of the cloud platform, second, support and hot migration for various virtual platforms, high-availability, directly managed physical servers, complete monitoring alarm mechanism, etc.

City cloud information service platform

The city cloud information service platform of the digital logistics system include the following aspects:

Comprehensive information service. Implement information transcoding and identification according to unified standards, implement virtual management and information acquisition on the equipments at the perception layer, provide information service for other modules through the standard communication interfaces.

Data storage service: intelligent data storage service may intelligently complete data storage and optimization, support various relational databases, non-relational databases and storage of other unstructured data, meanwhile, provide information services for other modules at the application layer through standard communication interfaces.

Data mining service platform. Based on the upper application or platform specified strategy, the data mining platform may, based on the massive data from the digital logistics system, through linkage analysis, cluster analysis, classification analysis, exception analysis, specific group analysis, evolution analysis and other means, analyze the law from massive data and complete the specific computing tasks.

Professional application system

Unified portal platform. The city cloud-based digital logistics system applies the unified portal platform to provide multi-level differentiated services for various companies, citizens and public enterprises within the city. The unified portal platform is convenient for remember and user, meanwhile, it is helpful to create city brand image and get advantages in future city competitions.

Various professional application systems. The city cloud-based digital logistics system integrates unity with diversity, based on its own professional demands and specific situations, different companies may, under the unified framework and standard external interface definition, establish their own professional application system, provide professional services, implement constant improvements and perfection with their own fields.

Terminal equipments layer

Storage system equipments. Through the storage channel equipments and warehouse keeper handled devices, the warehouse entry and department may be automatically or semi-automatically recorded, conveniently and reliably provide storage information of the background management system. Meanwhile, satisfy the necessary use, management and security needs through the LED display system and monitoring system.

Transportation system equipments: realize management and control on transportation vehicles through GPS positioning devices, vehicle controller and dispatch navigation devices.

Dispatch system equipments. The operator of the dispatch system implements initialization, definition and other management work on the labels of various systems and equipments in various professional equipments.

Product Recommendation

Tiankuo I620-G30, developed by Sugon based on Intel ® xeon ® extensible processor platform, has extensive uses as a two-way server. I620-G30, which is fully self-developed, possesses superior computing performance and powerful IO expanding capacity, realizing high performance and high expansibility to the maximum extent, so it can meet the needs of all industries. I620-G30 server is very suitable for finance, securities, transportation, post, telecommunication, energy, Internet and other industries with data centers and remote business environment which is demanding on the server performance, extensibility and reliability.
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A620-G30 is an enterprise-level flagship 2-way server developed by Sugon based on AMD latest Naples processor platform. Based on independently development, A620-G30 has high-end specification, powerful processing capability and great I/O scalability which meet the various business requirements of running mission critical applications stable, reliable and efficient. A620-G30 server is a good fit for the industrial data centers with rigid requirements for server performance, scalability, and reliability, such as government, Internet, Power, Telecom and Finance and remote enterprise environments.
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