Intelligent Transportation Solutions for Sugon City Cloud

1. Urban intelligent transportation

Intelligent transportation service means to, within the transportation service scope, establish a personalized service system for the social public or special targeted groups, it should include broadcast, cell phone, radio, in-car terminals, roadside information boards and other types of information distributing channels, the system should be composed of the bus information service system, parking information service system, comprehensive transfer information service system, dynamic navigation information service system and other networks, so that to provide transportation information services which may be “obtained at any where and at any time”.

Urban intelligent transportation system is an extremely important part of the intelligent transportation, it is an effective way to ease urban traffic congestion and traffic safety issues, improve the operating efficiency of the urban transportation system, improve the public traveling service level.

2. Development status of problems of Urban intelligent transportation

The development of intelligent transportation in some large and medium cities in China, particularly in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, has formed a certain scale. However, some problems still exist in the present intelligent transportation construction, including poor utilization of basic information resources, serious information island phenomenon in departments, poor sustainable development capacity in the supporting platform, these problems must be solved as soon as possible.

3. Urban intelligent transportation solutions design

To solve the urban transportation problems, we may comprehensively apply the Internet of Things, cloud computing and other advanced technologies to construct a system structure to cover the urban transportation elements identify, information acquisition and transmission, data processing center, etc, break a series of critical technical bottlenecks such as information perception, transmission, intelligent processing and security, settle the low-end problems such as information island, lacking of business modes, relatively low intelligence degree, etc encountered in the development of urban intelligent transportation, so that to significantly improve the service quality and level of urban transportation.

The intelligent transportation cloud may be divided into the infrastructure layer, platform layer and the application layer. In the way of virtualization, standardization and automation, intelligent transportation cloud organically integrates the cloud hardware and software resources, meanwhile, transportation services in the cloud are delivered to the users through the network. Infrastructure layer. Provides external infrastructure as a service (IaaS), it takes the IT resources as the center, it is a collection of the virtualized hardware resources and management function. The hardware resources include the basic operation environment, massive information storage, high-performance server, network equipments and other resources.

Platform layer; provides Platform as a service (PaaS), it takes the platform software , database and middleware as its center, this layer is between the infrastructure layer and the application layer, the platform includes the cloud resource management platform and the departmental data sharing and exchange platform.

Application layer. Provides Software as a Service, it is a collection of the application software on the intelligent transportation cloud, these applications are constructed on the resources provided by the infrastructure layer and the environment provided by the platform layer, they are delivered to the users through the network. The intelligent transportation cloud application includes the application system facing to the citizens, the passenger-oriented enterprises and the urban transportation administration agencies, the intelligent traffic signal control system, intelligent bus management and service system taxi comprehensive service system, intelligent urban rails transportation system, urban traveling information service system, intelligent transportation induction system, parking induction information system, P+R parking transfer management and service system, transfer service system, vehicle tolls annual ticket license plate recognition system, drivers safe driving supervisory system, road and bridge state perception and regulatory service system.

4. Values of the solution

According to the large-scale, flexibility, open and green properties of the development of the new urban intelligent transportation, the cloud computing is able to meet these demands with its most fundamental properties, so that to satisfy the final demands of people-oriented,improving the service quality and reducing the costs.

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