Sugon Storage Product Warranty Service Commitment


1.Warranty period and service mode

Storage Products

Service Content

OnSite Service

Parts, Materials

Disk array main cabinet, expansion cabinet (includes RAID controller, controller memory, hard disk, chassis hard disk backplane, hard disk transfer board, power module, Fiber module, fan module, chassis internal cable, chassis external key, chassis lock, key, panel, rail, hard drive carrier), disk array functional software system

3-Year Free

3-Year Free

Parastor Parallel storage System (including hardware components, software components)

3-Year Free

3-Year Free

Sugon xdata Big Data Integration machine series (including hardware components, software components)

3-Year Free

3-Year Free

Dbstor, Dcstor series disaster preparation products (including hardware platform, built-in software system)

3-Year Free

3-Year Free

Solid-State drives (Enterprise-class SSD, including SAS/SATA/PCI-E interface)

3-Year Free

3-Year Limited

High Load exception

Battery Products

3-Year Free

1-Year Free

Gigabit/Wan Shao FC Cable, IB Cable

1-Year Free

1-Year Free

Storage product Data coming with product, CD-ROM, power cord


1-Year Free

2. Special Reminders:

1. Product Warranty Start Date Calculation:

(1) The warranty period from the product purchase date, that is, the purchase of Sugon products of the date of the invoice shall prevail. If the product invoice date is later than 60 natural days after the factory date, the warranty period is from the 61st natural day after the date of the product factory.

(2) If you can not provide the Sugon product purchase invoices, the warranty period will be from the Sugon products after the date of the 31st Natural Day.

2. After the Sugon and its certification body after the maintenance of the machine and components, such as the warranty period, will continue to enjoy the service commitment. Repair parts from the date of repair from the free warranty period of less than 3 months, the repair of the replacement parts of the warranty period extended to the date of repair 3 months. At that time, you need to produce the corresponding maintenance records.

3. The parts used for maintenance are good, but they will have the same excellent performance status as the new product, and are at least functionally equivalent or higher than the replacement parts.

4. Repair the replacement parts under the Sugon company, you need to maintain the original use status of the part. If you need to reserve parts for your own reasons (such as scientific research, confidentiality, etc.), please purchase the service products of Sugon company. If the part has been dismantled or modified, the part is disqualified for warranty.

5. Solid State Hard disk warranty expires, or to the hard disk manufacturer's read and write times, written data, such as the determination conditions, warranty termination, whichever is first.

6. Cru (user replaceable parts) service, Sugon will ship the CRU to you for your use or installation. In the meantime, we will indicate whether the defective cru must be returned. When you need to return, please send the replacementin 15 natural days to the designated place according to the relevant instructions.

7. User-purchased "parts free and hard drive recovery" service, applicable to Sugon equipment factory configuration parts and hard drives, expansion parts, hard disk does not enjoy this service.

8. Parts not listed in the table, the warranty period please consult Sugon Company.

3.Service Procedure and response time

1. When you repair, you need to provide the following information:

(1) Product type (model)

(2) Product serial number (S/N)

(3) The specific configuration of system hardware and software

(4) System error message

(5) Detailed fault description

(6) User units, contacts, contact information and detailed address


2. Telephone response time limit

Sugon Onsite Warranty provides for dispatch of a Sugon technician to your site to provide repair of your system in the event of an issue, which is the service of 4hr on-site response time in a 24x7 service window.

Sugon Company's products to implement the national scope of UNPROFOR. About Sugon products technical advice and hardware repair can be from Monday to Friday every morning from 8 o'clock to 20 o'clock in the evening (weeks 6th early 9 to 18 o'clock in the evening) Call Sugon after-sales Service hotline: 400-810-0466, by the Sugon company professional agents for your answer. In addition to the above time, 12 hours per night, and national holidays, Sugon Company will be to each call hotline to provide voice messages or manual records of the service, the content of your calls to record, and at the time of the agent to reply to you as soon as possible. If your Sugon product needs to be serviced by an engineer, the engineer will contact you within 2 hours after you call the 400 hotline to determine the specific service matters.

3. Onsite service Response time limit

During the warranty period through the telephone guidance can not solve the fault, Sugon company to provide on-site services, Sugon Company technical Service personnel will be with you to determine a good maintenance program after the 2nd day of arrival on the scene (or in transit). If there is no Sugon service, there is a need to increase transit time on site service. Where there are geographical barriers, the road is not developed or the public transport is not suitable for the regular travel of the area, as well as in the process of providing services and other unexpected factors, the cause of force majeure, technical service personnel will actively negotiate with you to arrive at the site time.

Sugon Company's normal working hours are: every Monday to Friday (except for national legal holidays), 9:00 to 18:00. Rest time due to geographical differences throughout the country, please take the local Sugon company service agency specific circumstances prevail.

4.The scope of warranty service

1. This commitment is limited to March 31, 2015 (excluding) after the purchase of Sugon storage products and accessories, this date (including) before the factory Sugon storage products and accessories, please refer to the same period of the Sugon issued standard warranty service commitment. Other products or promotional items sold in the same contract with Sugon storage products and accessories shall be executed according to the respective standard warranty service of the product. Warranty Service Area is limited to mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao excepted.

2. Sugon storage products arrived at the initial installation, commissioning is a free service range, but because of your needs change, moving machines and other reasons need to be again hardware installation, storage debugging, software debugging situation, need you to buy Sugon company related service products.

3. Storage products that are not the result of the Sugon product or the Sugon product are not functional, and are not covered by the Sugon warranty service.

4. Sugon only on the issue of Sugon storage products or after a preliminary judgment with the Sugon of storage products strong related issues support, due to user Switching equipment, improper application environment or other third-party equipment and other reasons caused by storage products can not be normal access to the scope of the Sugon warranty service.

5. For a variety of software issues including compatible operating systems and applications, Sugon offers limited phone support.

6. No authorized third party software Sugon Company only provides limited telephone support services, and does not assume the relevant copyright liability.

7. Within the scope of the law, Sugon may choose to provide the promised warranty service in the form of repair, replacement or return.

8. Please do not hesitate to accept the service before you believe that valuable information, data, procedures for backup or retrieval, Sugon and its certification services are responsible for product maintenance and testing, in the promised service range, inconvenience to provide any data recovery and backup. Sugon and its certification services do not assume responsibility for the damage or loss of information, data, programs, or storage media, as well as direct and indirect losses (such as equipment downtime, data loss, etc.).

9. Any agency or person (such as the seller) to install all the non-Sugon parts, Sugon does not assume warranty. Any additional commitments made to you by any institution or person (such as a vendor) in respect of the product and its attached hardware and software, other than those provided by this service, will not be taken into account, and you shall request a written certificate from the institution or person making the undertaking to ensure that these additional commitments are honoured.

10. Sugon and its certification body to provide you with the replacement of the machine and parts replacement, the original machine or defective parts will be the Sugon or its certification body to recover and enjoy ownership. For your requested storage media recovery requirements, you need to buy Sugon company related services products.

11. For services beyond the scope of the commitment, or outside the warranty period, Sugon company to provide related services products to meet your needs, specific matters can be consulted Sugon service hotline.

12. In order to meet your higher level of personalized service needs, you can choose to purchase different kinds of "service products" for your purchase of the Sugon Hardware products standard service upgrades, enjoy a more comprehensive Sugon professional services.

5.Applicable limitations of the warranty

The following conditions are not covered by the Sugon warranty:

    • No Sugon logo Products (equipment serial number, part serial number);

    • User alteration, the replacement of Sugon product identification and part number;

    • Product machine or parts have been beyond the warranty period;

    • The failure caused by the forgetting of various passwords;

    • The use of pirated or other unauthorized software, the failure or damage caused by the non-public offering software;

    • Due to inadvertently infected computer viruses or other malicious software, illegal intrusion caused by the fault;

    • Failure of random configuration software systems (such as software configuration files, RAID configurations, BIOS settings, coms settings, etc.) as a result of misoperation;

    • Data migration;

    • Application run tests, or other non-storage system tests that the customer requests;

    • Disaster tolerance system drill and switch;

    • Non-Sugon provides troubleshooting of interconnection or compatibility issues between devices;

    • Services required as a result of a system upgrade not recommended by the Sugon;

    • Services to be carried out as a result of the failure to take the evasive measures recommended by the Sugon;

    • Failure or damage caused by the use of non-Sugon OEM parts (other non-Sugon causes of failure, including but not limited to failure due to the use of non-Sugon OEM accessories, and failure caused by Third-party software or hardware incompatibility);

    • Failure or damage caused by the installation, repair, alteration, addition or demolition of a non-Sugon authorized institution or person;

    • Consumption materials (batteries, enclosures, connectors, etc.) of natural consumption, wear and aging;

    • Failure or damage caused by the working environment specified in the light product (e.g., temperature and humidity are too high or too low, wet, ph high environmental conditions, power supply voltage instability, no good grounding, electromagnetic interference, electrostatic interference, input inappropriate voltage, etc. due to natural disasters such as lightning, fire, Earthquake, etc.) cause of fault or damage;

    • Others are obviously caused by accidental or man-made causes (such as dust accumulation, liquid injection, external impact, transport, handling, extrusion, wear, fall, improper plug and so on) the fault;

6.Special tips

1. If the present undertaking violates the relevant laws and regulations of the State, the relevant laws and regulations shall prevail.

2. If the present undertaking is inconsistent with the relevant terms and conditions stipulated in the "Sugon Product Sales Contract", the relevant terms and conditions of "Sales contract" shall prevail.

3.“High Load exception”  means long time intensively I/O on SSDs and do not mean high load on other part of the system configured with SSDs.

This warranty policy applies only to China mainland. If you need to know about other regional warranty policies, please contact for more information.

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