In 2020, the epidemic situation of Novel coronavirus pneumonia in China is still tense. The number of confirmed and suspected cases continues to rise, which could have a huge impact on Chinese economy. As the tide of mobile population is approaching, every city, region, and enterprise has become the front line of the epidemic.

According to the characteristics of the epidemic situation in China, Sugon organized its forces. Following the Sugon Cloud community epidemic investigation and reporting system, it developed a Sugon Cloud enterprise resumption epidemic prevention and inspection platform to suit local conditions. Based on the Sugon Cloud China layout, it supported the first line of war “epidemic”.

After the system is on line, local organizations can implement dynamic management of information through daily monitoring data analysis. The epidemic prevention command centers around the world through the large-screen integrated command system to keep synchronized of the local epidemic situation, medical resources and front-line staff distribution, can achieve unified command and dispatch of war epidemic resources, and scientifically formulate regulatory measures.

System Features

    - Based on Sugon's cloud computing centers throughout China, SaaS services are used to support rapid deployment across China and can be customized to local needs;

    - Open up the business synergy between resumption enterprises, employees and streets, communities, and multiple departments, and closely monitor and early-warn the health of employees in resumption enterprises;

    - Connect with big data analysis system, make all-round arrangements for emergencies and suspected contacts, and realize full control of epidemic situation

System flow and functions


    - Enterprise registration: The business provides information such as business name, person in charge, organization code, etc., registers the business in the system, and generates a business-specific QR code.

    - Employees fill in the report: The company's QR code is sent to the enterprise group, and the employee scans the code or identifies the QR code to fill in the information such as return to work status, physical health, and contact history.

    - Departmental summary: The person in charge of the enterprise, the community and street epidemic prevention cadres, the epidemic prevention-related commissions, the government office, the party committee, and the epidemic prevention command center can summarize information to facilitate the discovery of abnormalities.

    - Early warning of epidemic situation: Early warning of abnormal situation is convenient for epidemic prevention command center, party committee and government to take measures in time to cut off the epidemic chain of infection.

    - Big data analysis: Combined with the urban big data system analysis to verify the trajectory of the diagnosed and suspected people, the place of arrival and the history of contact with the enterprise, it is convenient for the epidemic prevention command center, party committee, and government to take timely measures to cut off the epidemic infection chain.

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