Sugon first office communication product focuses on security and credibility

On February 25, Sugon together with Beijing Beixinyuan Software Co., Ltd., a leading information security company in China, jointly released a secure and trusted collaborative office system-"Light Circle".

Sugon announced that before the end of the epidemic, the "Light Circle" will be provided as a free SaaS cloud service for chinese enterprise users, and promised to provide operation and security services to domestic enterprise and organization for free.

"Light Circle" can provide secure private cloud Saas services. Based on the Sugon City Cloud Center or enterprise private cloud deployment, it can effectively ensure the high privacy of sensitive data. On the basis of supporting multiple client environments such as Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS, the server can also adapt to a variety of domestic software and hardware environments (such as domestic CPUs such as Loongson and PHYTIUM, and domestic operating systems such as Kylin and NeoKylin) to achieve high compatibility while ensuring the security and credibility of the system.


Efficient and practical functions:

    1. Secure communication platform

    2. Collaborative office platform

    3. Cultural construction platform

    4. Instant messaging development platform

     -  Full platform SDK, Support private deployment

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