The National Protein Science Research (Shanghai) Facility, the first comprehensive large scientific device in the global life sciences field, has opened a fast green channel to support related research on Novel coronavirus pneumonia.

Sugon researched the crystal structure of Novel coronavirus pneumonia-related proteins, collected and analyzed NMR and cryo-electron microscopy data, and virus morphology through the "Medical Big Data Facility-Information System Basic Platform" for the National Protein Science Research (Shanghai) facility. Detection and other projects provided support; fully supported the research of protein structure and pathogenic mechanism related to Novel coronavirus pneumonia, research and development of rapid detection technology products, and development of antiviral drugs and vaccines.

The "Medical Big Data Facility-Information System Basic Platform" built by sugon for National Protein Science Research (Shanghai) is based on multi-dimensional data such as physiological and biochemical indicators of patients, organ imaging examinations, family genetic backgrounds, combined with genome sequencing, Various advanced proteomics and other detection technologies, such as proteomics and metabolomics, conduct comprehensive data analysis and mining through bioinformatics methods, and provide genetic and clinical information related to disease diagnosis and treatment. After forming the characteristic data, then through the methods of machine deep learning and artificial intelligence, to achieve true precise analysis, assisted diagnosis and personalized medicine.

When researching the profound laws in massive biological data, sugon found that the three characteristics of the data must be guaranteed, that is, the large amount of data, the high efficiency of processing the data, and the variability of the data source. With these characteristics, big data analysis and prediction can be realized.

The data generated by genetic research is growing at a rate of 10 times every 12-18 months. For massive data, sugon ParaStor distributed storage system can meet the storage system's requirements for data processing capacity and scalability through linear growth of performance and capacity. 

Through a series of advanced technologies, the sugon ParaStor distributed storage system eliminates the performance limitations of the extended storage architecture and addresses the needs for data processing efficiency and data variability in biological genetic applications.

Catch the "new trend", continuously further engaged in bio-gene field

For many years, sugon has been deeply involved in the field of biological genes, providing products and solutions to Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Beijing Genomics Institute, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Shanghai Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, etc., supporting medical imaging and gene sequencing , Cryo-electron microscopy, drug R & D and other applications for stable operation. In the future, sugon will continue to provide innovative technologies and products, playing an important role for the rapid development of biological gene technology.

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