In the workshop , automated assembly lines flow and assemble according to pre-set procedures. This is the scene after Sugon Tianjin factory resumed work.

At the beginning of February, Sugon Tianjin factory received urgent demand from the epidemic area. In order to send IT equipment to the front line of the epidemic prevention at the first time, Sugon took prompt action, carefully deployed, and resumed production on February 3 with the approval of the Tianjin Hi-tech Zone Government on the premise of fully grasping the epidemic prevention and control.


The output of the intelligent production line is equivalent to 10 manual workers at the same time

Under the action of intelligent production lines such as automated assembly lines, robots, and smart three-dimensional warehouses, the Tianjin plant is available 24 hours a day. In just a few days, nearly a thousand servers and other IT equipment arrived quickly in Henan, Anhui, and Jiangxi provinces.

At present, Sugon has the overall planning and design capabilities of smart factories, and mastered the key processes and technologies of server intelligent manufacturing. A large number of advanced intelligent equipment and software management systems are used in the production of server products, which greatly improves the production efficiency and quality level of IT hardware equipment.

Sugon Smart Factory Fully Upgraded

Since the Tianjin Smart Factory was put into use in April 2010, it has adopted a large number of automated equipment, including modular flexible intelligent production lines, fully automatic temperature-controlled aging rooms, fully automated finished product packaging lines, etc., which can achieve 24-hour uninterrupted production and satisfy customers Urgent delivery is required.

Compared with the traditional production line, in the case of producing the same amount of products, the manpower required for the smart factory is greatly reduced, which can effectively alleviate the problem of staff shortage during the epidemic. Take self-developed intelligent memory module detection equipment of Sugon as an example. After setting the procedures and standards, the equipment only needs to periodically add raw materials in batches to achieve unattended production.

In addition, Sugon Smart Factory also uses technologies such as virtual modeling and process simulation to optimize factory planning, process steps, and production management. It also uses digital twin technology and digital manufacturing platforms to manage factory production, monitor the overall operation of the factory in real time, and achieve product design, The rapid conversion of process design, manufacturing and production and the rapid introduction of production lines; at the same time, Sugon Intelligent Factory also implemented efficient management of the factory by adopting information systems such as ERP and WMS, bringing further digital guarantees to orderly production.

Intellectual manufacturing is the trend


In 2020, a number of new high-end smart manufacturing factories and production lines will be put into production one after another. In the future, Sugon will continue to improve and upgrade the intelligent manufacturing system to improve quality and manufacturing efficiency.

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