On May 16, the 3rd World Intelligence Congress opened at Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center in Tianjin. With the theme of "Intelligent New Age: Progress, Strategies and Opportunities", this conference has formed an  “four in one” international platform integrating  "Intelligent Meeting, Exhibition, Competition + Intelligent Experience",more than 1400 industry elites, experts, scholars and business leaders from more than 40 countries and regions have a great event.

As a technologically innovative enterprise in the forefront of the artificial intelligence industry,  Sugon Information Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sugon") brought a series of intelligent solutions to the event. Sugon President Lijun, Chief Operating Officer Ye Jian and Senior Vice President Ren Jingzhuan attended the meeting. Lijun was invited to give a keynote speech on "Advanced Computing Technology in the Intelligent Age" in the main forum. "


Force artificial intelligence to deepen advanced computing

During the meeting, Wan Gang, Li Hongzhong, Wang Zhigang and other leaders inspected the progress of Dianguang's advanced computing technology,  listened carefully to Sugon's technological thinking of seeking the integration and development of intelligent industry with advanced computing, and affirmed the development and achievements of Sugon's advanced computing. Wangang encourages technology companies to focus on strengthening the leading role of technological innovation. He also stressed that it is necessary to strengthen the research on core technologies of artificial intelligence, promote cross-border integration, and advocate strengthening international cooperation.


Artificial intelligence technology is a new direction for the development of information industry, and also a new application field for the future development of IT infrastructure that Sugon is engaged in. Li Jun introduced that Sugon will continue to mobilize advanced computing technology resources and industrial advantages with artificial intelligence as its starting point, and consolidated the information base for the development of regional innovation industry and the construction of a strong country.


Give full play to the advantages of science and technology enterprises to help Tianjin Zhigang construction


During the meeting, Dong Jialu, Vice Mayor of Tianjin and Director-General of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, held talks with Lijun. He recognized Sugon's industrial construction and development in Tianjin, and expressed concern and support for the further deployment and cooperation of Sugon in Tianjin.


Li Jun introduced that Sugon has achieved rapid development relying on Tianjin. As early as 2006, Sugon began to invest in the construction of Sugon Tianjin Industrial Base,and will deploy the intelligent industries in Tianjin for the future.  In December 2018, the National Advanced Computing Industry Innovation Center, led by Sugon, started construction at the Sugon Tianjin Industrial Base, and plans to gradually implement multi-regional layout in key core areas such as Beijing and Tianjin and overseas.


Li Jun said that Tianjin is a hot place for entrepreneurship, providing good support and services for the business development of enterprises. Sugon will make full use of Tianjin's excellent policy support and innovation environment, play a good role in the core technology and industry leadership of science and technology enterprises, actively participate in Tianjin Zhigang construction and the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and make new contributions to regional economic development. .


In the critical period of our country's economy changing from high-speed growth to high-quality development,  intelligent technology will provide an inexhaustible driving force for industrial upgrading. From China's first high-performance computer brand to China's leading brand of smart solutions, Sugon has always been at the forefront of national development and technological innovation. In the future, Sugon will continue to take advantage of the leading enterprises in technological innovation, while focusing on achieving technological innovation and industrial application go hand in hand, promoting the landing and sharing of intelligent scientific and technological achievements, and promoting the in-depth development of the intelligent industry with advanced computing technology.



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