Recently, I980-G30, the world's first closed-cycle liquid-cooled eight-way server released by Sugon, has set two world records in the SPECJbb 2015 benchmark test. Just two months ago, in the SPEC CPU 2017 benchmark test, I980-G30 set four world records: Rates_FP、 Rates_FP-_Base, Rates_INT、Rates_INT_Base.



So far, the Sugon Liquid Cooling Eight-way Server I980-G30 has successfully won six world firsts! The outstanding performance of this product in the benchmark test of key servers proves that Sugon is the absolute leader in China's key application server market. Since the release of the I980-G30, it has successively won the bid for the key projects such as the Customs and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


I980-G30 server achieves a higher level of performance, reliability, scalability and manageability, and stands out from its strengths to help users address the challenges of data storage, real-time analytics, business intelligence, and virtualized deep applications.

Extraordinary performance

The Sugon Tiankuo I980-G30 server can be equipped with the second generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor (Cascade Lake Series), which supports Intel® OptaneTM DC persistent memory.This makes I980-G30 single-node maximum support memory capacity increase from 12TB to 36TB, provides excellent computing power, and easily extracts the prize of SPEC benchmark performance.


Powerful expansion capability

Maximum support 24 pre-hot-plugged SFF SAS/SATA hard disks, 24 PCIe device expansion interfaces for more efficient investment protection; one-button four- and eight-way partition switching features, full-link backup redundancy design, instant completion Switching of business models.


Comparable to the reliability of minicomputers

Fully redundant hot-swap design of key components, reduces the probability of downtime due to single component failure, and more than 60 RAS feature designs realize the whole process of data protection and error correction from operating system to hardware FW and then to chip level, so as to ensure the integrity and consistency of data and improve the reliability of the machine.


Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Management

Sugon's self-developed, secure and controllable remote management module can achieve all-round equipment management, monitoring, configuration, fault location and analysis. It is equipped with a touch-sensitive LCD monitor screen to monitor the health of the machine in an all-round way. The Sugon Starlight LED channel allows the health status of CPU, memory, hard disk to PCIe plug-in card, fan, power supply and others to be seen.


Upgrading the second generation of Intel scalable processors will further highlight the high performance advantages of I980-G30, which can provide users with super-high performance, strong scalability, super reliability and intelligent management capabilities.


As the most powerful server solution provider in China, Sugon will further develop its technological and market advantages on high-end servers, so as to provide high-quality server integration solutions for the whole industry.


Extended reading

The SPECjbb2015 (Java Business Benchmark) benchmark is a Java application server test by simulating a three-tier architecture environment to measure the performance of application server-side JAVA applications. The SPECjbb2015 test results release must provide the Bops value (Business Operation Per Second), which is how many JAVA business operations are completed per second, and requires complete test environment information.

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