There are 14 national post-doctoral research workstations in Laoshan District , which have received more than 1200 postdoctoral students. With the approval of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs and the National Post-doctoral Management Committee, Dawning International Information Industry Co., Ltd.(Sugon) has been officially approved as a national post-doctoral research workstation, and the first batch has introduced three doctors into the station.


The workstation will focus on the frontier areas of big data and artificial intelligence, and focus on the application research of intelligent ocean, security and civil life industries. It plans to introduce 3-5 postdoctoral researchers every year in the next three years, carries out the scientific research relying on the technological accumulation and innovation resources of Sugon Science in China, and the scientific research guidance team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences with the cooperative manner of postdoctoral + engineer + intern. The workstation will also set up a large data intelligence research institute, which will be divided into marine intelligent laboratory, data intelligent laboratory, intelligent manufacturing laboratory, intelligent application laboratory, video intelligent laboratory and AR intelligent application laboratory, aiming at accelerating technology integration and application, creating integrated application products and solutions, and promoting a number of major scientific research projects to Laoshan.


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