"New market opportunities have already come up. We have already established a complete system of business standards, created an advanced and completed industrial model and occupied the market with the international leading core technology and innovative technology. However, we still need to do our best to grasp the future of the next critical five years." On March 8, at the 2019 Zhongke Sugon Staff Conference, the President of Sugon Li Jun has made a new layout for the new journey of Sugon in the face of a landmark leap.

The development of Sugon cannot be separated from the hardworking of Sugon man. And it is due to the historical mission of Sugon man, which is to make efforts to revitalize the national information industry.

Driven by this mission and with continuous technological innovation, Sugon has made great improvement step by step in high-performance computing, server, storage, big data, cloud computing, network security and other advanced computing areas. The 2018 sales of Sugon successfully exceeded billions, which means a new stage of development. While gaining the recognition of government, market and users, it also lays the foundation and confidence for the new stage of Sugon.

Sugon always be down-to-earth and seek greater development with forwarding thinking of the future technology. Over the past few years, Sugon has successfully broken through the liquid phase change cooling technology causing the attention in the field of high-performance computing at home and abroad, which is the breakthrough of technology barriers of the super computer energy saving and consumption reduction. This technology also provides a strong technical support for the development in the high-performance computing field. The successful development of the prototype of the Earth System numerical simulation device and the successful breakthrough of the E-Class ultra-calculation core technology are not only the high-quality answer for the national large-scale scientific projects, but also a strong support for our information technology to be the forefront of the world. Sugon Parastor Distributed cloud storage System, silicon cube high-performance computer, Network security products with autonomous technology and series of solutions for industry applications are gaining more and more market recognition.

After cheering, we should soberly see that there is still great area for the development of the Sugon.

In the next five years, Sugon will focus on the enhancement of technology, operations, markets and industry four core competencies and adhere to become an innovative enterprises with the core key technology, leading the development of advanced computing industry, world-class brand influence, and customer trust & support.

Based on independent and controllable technological innovation, Sugon developed a complete information system and service product line, provided an integrated solution for the hardware and software needs of industry applications, and created high-quality IT infrastructure and services. At the same time, with the most effort, Sugon is going to create a world-class quality standards and the full deployment of new intelligent manufacturing model, and develop the domestic and foreign new market with the scientific quality management and the refined market operations. Driven by leading technology, Sugon will construct the National Advanced Computing Industry Innovation Center, initially realize the layout of distributed integrated industry, and open up the integrated industrial chain of advanced computing area.

For the future of Sugon, we need not only to continually build core competitiveness around the key areas of technology, but more to strive for progress under the core value of "integrity, collaboration, learning, innovation", and steady forward with continuous innovation and development.

Carrying the happiness of nearly 4,000 Sugon staff, 2019 Zhongke Sugon Staff Conference has been successfully concluded. Sugon man will continue to fight at each ordinary but extraordinary position with harvest and hope.

The results are already in the past, but the glory is continuing. The Sugon, a 23-year-old enterprise, starting at billions sales and aiming to become an innovative enterprise with world influence, is opening up a new journey full of challenges and opportunities.


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