China Weather News reporter Liu Zhao reported On January 29, the domestic high-performance computer system "PI (π)" Sugon passed the business acceptance, which also had a great performance in the early testing and trial operation. It is the first domestic high-performance computer using domestic satellite data and domestic numerical models which has officially assumed the responsibility of meteorological business operation and scientific research.

The peak calculation capacity of "PI (π)" Sugon system could reach 8189. 5 TFLOPS. It is about 8 times capacity of the imported high-performance computer system which the China Meteorological Administration previously used. During the "PI (π)" Sugon testing, technicians conducted operational tests specifically for the Global/Regional Assimilation and Prediction Enhanced System (GRAPES) and the Global Climate System Model (BCC_CSM) commonly used in daily business. Compared with the imported system, the operation efficiency of these two mode have been greatly improved by the "PI (π)" Sugon.

Presently, "PI (π)" Sugon has undertaken a part of the business and scientific research work, including upgrade and operational operation of GRAPES global Four-Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation (GRAPES_4DVAR), the quasi-business operation of "RUITU" Winter Olympic guarantee numerical model of Beijing Meteorological Bureau, high-resolution ocean model, high resolution marine model, high resolution coupling model, marine geochemical model, the research of different vegetation radiation patterns comparison in land mode, global atmospheric re-analysis product development and so on.

Right now, the multicore processor is regarded as the future of the super computers. And SHENWEIthe light of Taihu, which is the world's Super champion, is designed based on the multicore processor. "PI (π)" Sugon on the basis of maintaining two sets of subsystems which are the backup of each other, adds a new small-scale test subsystem to support the development and testing of meteorological patterns under the GPU/multicore environment. In addition, "PI (π)" Sugon has achieved great improvement in cooling technology and energy conservation.


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