On-site data processing

Sugon oil scene processor is a newly launched high-performance computer system used for the fieldwork of geophysical exploration. This system can not only accomplish the quality-control task in the field acquisition work and shorten the acquisition cycle, but also accomplish tasks of simple seismic data processing and interpretation, thus laying solid foundation for the later indoor fine processing.

The oil scene processor is composed of systems such as Sogon PHPC server, Gridview and Powerconf etc. It adopts the overall optimization design and can effectively reduce the system power consumption, plus its user-friendly design, powerful system extensibility and high performance cost ratio and computing density, enabling itself to take on more difficult and complicated scene processing tasks. Exactly adapted to the charateristics of the field scene operation, Sugon processor can be freely configured according to the fieldwork needs. With integrated design, complete configuration, the processor fits well to the fieldwork environment and can be easily relocated. With prowerful computing power, the processor can satisfy the small-scale three-dimensional scene processing requirements. Compared with the tradationally deployed multi-workstation server, Sugon processor can provide a more competitive overall solution.

Product Recommendation

Sugon S640-G30, developed by Sugon based on Intel® Xeon® extensible processor, is a 4U high density two-way storage server. S640-G30 product has storage capacity of high density, and provides powerful computation performance and rich IO extensibility, which can satisfy multiple service demands of data center. S640-G30 products are very suitable for finance, securities, transportation, post, telecommunication, energy, Internet, etc., which are demanding in storage capacity, server performance, extensibility, and reliability.
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Brand new processor This product could deliver higher performance for users' every application with the Intel's latest generation of Xeon Scalable family processors. Compared to the previous generations, the Intel Xeon Scalable family processors offer a significant improvement and better system performance, which could support more CPU cores and max DDR4 2666 memory. Besides, the efficiency of collaboration between CPUs could be significantly increased by using more and faster UPI bus.
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TC4600T G3
The ideal choice for cloud computing, big data.
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