On Aug. 2, Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University (hereinafter referred to as XJTLU) held Launch and Signing Ceremony for XJTLU Entrepreneur College, Taicang Campus. On the ceremony, Sugon and XJTLU cosigned a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, in the future, both sides will connect research development with industry cooperation, conduct technology incubation and transfer, and explore together integrated education and development path of future universities, by co-constructing AI and Advanced Computing School, offering a major of Statistic Science and Big Data Technology, and other measures.



XJTLU Executive President, Professor Youmin Xi, and Sugon Vice-President Ying Guo, as the representative of both sides, cosigned the strategic cooperation agreement. Vice mayor of Suzhou Houling Cao, secretary of Taicang Municipal Party Committee Mi Shen, deputy secretary of Taicang Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Taicang Municipal Government Jianguo Wang, the member of standing committee of Taicang municipal committee and executive vice mayor Xiaodong Gu, member of standing committee of Taicang municipal committee and secretary of the Party Working Committee of Hi-tech Zone Hongxing Wang, Liverpool University vice president Gavin Brown and other relevant leaders attended the ceremony.



XJTLU Entrepreneur College, Taicang campus, as one of the important explorations of XJTLU for the next decade, will explore deeply education model, university concept, and new campus forms in the age of internet and AI; take cultivation of industry elites that will lead future new industries and promote industry transformation as target; establish integrated education model suitable for cultivating international high-end applied talents by deep cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known enterprises; form good interaction among university, enterprise, industry and society; and strive to become the cradle for elites and leaders of new industry as well as a model for future university and campus.


As the leader of IT technology and solutions, as well as president of CAS Advanced Computing Industry Association, Sugon has first-mover advantages in fields of advanced computing and AI technology. By cooperating with XJTLU, Sugon will take technical advantage of big data, AI, high-performance computing, and other advanced computing fields; by co-constructing AI and Advanced Computing School, Sugon will explore together advanced computing of new type and cultivation mode of future university talents, and cultivate industry elites and leaders for future society.


Besides, both sides will work together to establish industry association in fields of AI and advanced computing, around Learning Mall, Innovation Factory, International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub, to provide relevant social services, and promote industry development. At present, Sugon and XJTLU have together completed the design and application of data science and big data technology professional program, and have made substantial progress in major co-construction, teaching mode design, degree design and other aspects.


China “13th Five-Year National Science and Technology Talents Development Plan” clearly points out that we must reform cultivating mode of innovative talents, guide and promote the organic linking between talents cultivation system and the whole process of industry development and innovation activities. With cooperation with XJTLU this time, Sugon will focus on top technology and industry innovation resources of advanced computing field; actively explore integrated education mode, international high-end applied talents cultivation and other aspects; and make new contributions to the comprehensive building of an innovative country.




XJTLU, cofounded by Xi’an Jiaotong University and University of Liverpool in 2006 in Suzhou, is the first new international university of China, with combination of foreign university, as well as independent corporate entity and distinguishing features. XJTLU, Taicang campus, with a view to strategic new layout of XJTLU, by Taicang campus experiment, exploits deeper educational exploration, consolidates and develops relative advantages and competitiveness of XJTLU, makes XJTLU standing on the new stage of global educational development, so as to better realize XJTLU mission of influencing global higher education development.

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